Christian Network for Adoption

Christian Network for Adoption

Christian Network for Adoption

Families who undertake the high calling to adopt and foster children need the church community to offer support, encouragement and training to understand the challenges they’re facing. That’s why we’re inviting you to join the Christian Network for Adoption (CNFA) – designed specifically to support foster and adoptive families and to help waiting children get placed in loving Christian homes.

We are on a mission to see children without families come to belong first to an earthly family and, ultimately, to an eternal family. We can do this best by working together.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Christian Network for Adoption?

CNFA is a coalition of ministries working together to help waiting children find permanency in loving Christian families. Focus on the Family Canada hopes this network will help you feel part of something bigger than just your church or community as God moves across our country with a spirit of love for waiting children.

2. What is expected of members?

There is no fee for joining this network. We suggest that a church/ministry focus on four foundational activities:

  • Offer some type of support to adoptive families.
  • Host at least one information session a year for families considering foster care or adoption.
  • Observe National Adoption month in November.
  • Send your stories to Focus twice a year, as well as the number of families in your church involved in adoption or foster care so we can celebrate when children are placed in loving homes.

3. Why does Focus want to know the number of children who have found families through our ministry?

We hope to be able to document God moving across Canada through our collective ministries. Through this, we’ll be able to watch this movement grow and use these numbers to celebrate together the incredible way that God “sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6).

4. What is Focus on the Family Canada’s role in this network?

We hope to act as the hub of the network by: offering resources such as DVDs, printed materials, books and CDs to you at cost (plus shipping); promoting your events or initiatives; sharing success stories via our adoption-focused website and e-newsletter; providing referrals for speakers and counsellors; and continuing to train counsellors to support families and working with local ministries on adoption-related events as resources permit.

5. What if we are just beginning or exploring our own ministry?

That is great! We believe that every church/ministry should ask God what they are specifically called to do. This will look different in each community depending on energy, creativity and, most importantly, how God leads you. You can do this with a very small team of people in a small church or you can dream big and see what God will do. We won’t tell you how to run your ministry, but we’ll offer what we can to help you get started. Then, let us tell your story so others can be inspired by what God has called you to do in your community!

6. How do we sign up?

Send us an email application with all relevant information and tell us about your plans. We will review your application and will talk with you if we have additional questions. Once approved, we will add your contact information to an online database on where others will be able to contact you and learn more about your ministry. You will need to identify a contact person and decide how people can reach you (e.g., a personal phone number, church website or email address – however you feel comfortable being contacted).

More questions? Email us at [email protected].