The post-placement journey

An eye-opening discussion that will help you prepare to raise an adopted child

By Focus on the Family Canada staff

The Christian Alliance for Orphans has been holding a series of helpful webinars offering support to churches who want to make an impact in the lives of vulnerable children. In the webinar featured here, Dr. Karyn Purvis discusses the struggles that parents sometimes face in bonding with their adopted child. Although the discussion is directed toward those leading a church ministry to adoptive families, this webinar includes invaluable information for parents preparing to adopt a child.

We are extrememly grateful to The Christian Alliance for Orphans for granting us permission to post this webinar. We appreciate their wonderful spirit of partnership! 

In addition to listening to this session, we highly recommend Dr. Purvis’ website for more excellent information on adoption, addressed from a Christian perspective.

Click here to view the webinar The post-placement journey, which is hosted at