Adoption Resource Guides

Key articles available as downloadable booklets

We have made a selection of key articles from this website available as downloadable booklets. We hope you will find them helpful as you seek to educate yourself and others about adoption. Please note that these documents are not for re-sale. If used as part of a workshop or seminar on adoption, they must be distributed free of charge, or for a nominal fee to cover photocopying costs only.

Guide 1 - For pre-adoptive families

  1. Adoption basics
  2. Is adoption for you?
  3. Preparing for adoption
  4. Resources for adoptive families

Guide 2 - For adoptive families

  1. Bonding with your child
  2. Understanding discipline issues
  3. Heart to heart conversations

Guide 3 - For pastors and churches

  1. How pastors can champion fostering and adoption
  2. 10 ways to pastor adoptive parents and those considering adoption
  3. Foster and adoptive children in your children’s ministry
  4. Adoption in your youth program
  5. Wrapping around adoptive families

Guide 4 - For relatives and friends

  1. Wrapping around adoptive families
  2. Becoming a family
  3. A new definition of attachment/regulation
  4. Unique challenges in disciplining adopted children
  5. Dos and don'ts for family and friends

Adobe Reader is required to to view and download the adoption resource guides.