Dos and don'ts for family and friends

Now that your adopted child is home, here’s how your support crew can help

The waiting is over! Your newly-adopted child is finally home! That’s certainly a cause for celebration. And no doubt you are surrounded by excited family members and friends who are eager to welcome your child, too.

Your immediate priority, however, must be to do what is best for your adoptive child and to facilitate their attachment to you, as his or her parents. Some of the decisions you make to help this attachment process along may be confusing to friends and family. Unlike you, they have not had the benefit of training about attachment. You will need to lovingly thank your “cheer team” for their support so far, and help them understand how they can best support you now that your long-awaited child is home.

To help you with this task, has published a list of suggestions for friends and family members. Check out Dos and don’ts for family and friends at

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