Building a support system

Don’t try to go it alone as adoptive parents – you’ll need a team to cheer you on

By Focus on the Family Canada staff

As you pursue adoption, you may find that not everyone in your relationship circles supports or even understands your decisions.

People often harbour misunderstandings, stereotypes and fears about adoption. Some of these folk may be in your family, your church and/or your workplace.

Others will be casually interested, but not knowledgeable about adoption.Here are a few groups of supporters you will want to cultivate:

  1. People who will pray, care and/or help. These people don’t need to know a lot, they just need to be willing to be there for you. Feel free to let them know what you need, and be specific and reasonable. Ask for prayer, for a listening ear, for encouragement, for practical help;
  2. People on a similar journey. You may meet others undertaking the same type of adoption as you. They will understand what you are experiencing first-hand. Comparing stories and progress can be a real help along the way, so do stay in touch;
  3. Experienced adopters. People who have been down this road before you know what it’s like. They can empathize, share and resource you like few others. If you should need it, they’ll assure you that you’ll survive, too! And you’ll save time and effort by learning what did and didn’t work for them;
  4. Professionals.  In your adoption journey, you will occasionally need social workers and/or therapists. Invest in building a positive, enriching relationship with the professionals who are helping your family.