ABBA Canada

Helping through adoption grants and more

By Focus on the Family Canada staff

One of the ministries Focus on the Family Canada has been working with over the past couple of years is ABBA Canada ( Like us, they are actively encouraging churches to observe Adoption Month in November! Waiting to Belong asked ABBA Canada to catch us up on some of their activities. Here’s what they shared:

1. How long has ABBA Canada been in existence?

ABBA Canada Foundation began in April 2011.

2. What accomplishments have you made since you started?

ABBA Canada gave away its first grant in the fall of 2011 and has given away 13 adoption grants to date with over $35,000 in funds raised. We have connected with numerous churches across Canada that are in the beginning stages of developing adoption/foster ministries. In May 2012, we partnered with Focus on the Family Canada to host the first national Together for Adoption Canada conference.

3. What has given you the most satisfaction so far?

Giving grants to families in the adoption process, hearing their stories and following their journeys as they bring their children home. We are also happy to honour our commitment to give 100 per cent of all grant money raised directly to adoption grants. (Administration costs are raised privately.)

4. What new developments are on the horizon?

ABBA Canada is promoting the celebration of National Adoption Month in November and encouraging churches across Canada to get involved. Plans are in the works for the next Together for Adoption Canada conference in 2013. We are excited to partner with more churches and grow the Canadian adoption movement to see more children come home to forever families. We are promoting a fundraising campaign this year called ONE Church / ONE Grant, where we aim to have 24 churches commit to each raising one adoption grant this year. This would enable us to give away two adoption grants per month in a year through this program.

5. What are your goals for the next year or two?

We want to grow the Canada-wide adoption network and see more churches develop ministries to serve the adoptive and foster families in their communities. We would like to double the amount of funds raised this year, so that we can give away double the amount of adoption grants. We would like to see the churches that are in the beginning or “interested” stages take the next step and flourish into fully functioning adoption ministries. We’d also like to see an ABBA Canada advocate raised up in every province and territory in Canada, meeting the specific needs of that region.

6. How can churches get involved in what you are doing?

Churches can start an adoption fund, which ABBA Canada will administer and take care of all costs for. We can walk a church through the steps of starting an adoption/foster ministry and provide necessary resources and support. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at