Spirit of Adoption Alberta

Encouragement and financial support for adoptive families in Alberta

It's clear the adoption movement is spreading across Canada. Recently, we heard an amazing story of how God is working. Listen to this story, in the words of Susan St. Martin:

“Recently my heart was tugged to 'start a foundation,' which at first thought seemed rather daunting. Not knowing where exactly to start, I contacted Wendy [Robinson] at Christian Adoption Services (Calgary, AB) and shared the vision with her, which led to flying out to Vancouver to the Together for Adoption conference. In the meantime, a dear friend in Texas connected me with someone she thought could help . . . it happened to be Jason Kovacs, the director of ABBA Canada . . . also a keynote speaker at the conference.

“At the conference I met with three board members from ABBA and learned all about their vision. I was in awe of how God had prepared this meeting and aligned our visions. Before Vancouver I did not know that ABBA existed but it was becoming clear that the heart of Spirit of Adoption Alberta and ABBA Canada were destined to join forces. The conference was a wonderful experience and only strengthened my resolve to continue to pray for God’s direction regarding the foundation. God was in this . . . His fingerprints were all over it.

“When I arrived home to Edmonton I barely knew where to start, so I met with my pastor and asked for his counsel and support. He encouraged me to pray and reach out to anyone I could think of who might be interested in getting involved. No sooner than getting home from the meeting that day I had an email confirming my resolve to move forward. The message was from an Edmonton woman named Paige Riegel: a surgeon’s wife (like me), an adoptive parent (like me), a Christian (like me), and passionate about adoption (like me). She had contacted Wendy from Christian Adoption Services to inquire about starting a grant for adoptive families - like me! Having never met, we exchanged visions and again realized how incredible it was that God had arranged this meeting.”

Susan and Paige introduce themselves on their website as follows:

Susan St. Martin is the mother to three children. Two were born from her tummy and one in her heart through adoption from the United States. Susan has been married to Blair for 12 years. Susan has always been very passionate about adoption and she hopes that other families have the opportunity to experience how adoption can change their lives in amazing ways. Spirit of Adoption Alberta was a vision God placed in her heart and because we are all “adopted” into God’s family, this is how Susan feels she can extend that same love to others. Susan strongly believes that when we are available to God’s leading, we are given opportunities to work in our gifts to bring hope to those in need.

Paige Riegel is the mother of seven children: four by birth and three by adoption. She has been married to Tim for 21 years. Paige visited an Alberta orphanage at the age of eight years old and the seed of adoption was planted in her heart that day. After having four children, the Riegels thought they were done, but while sitting in a mom’s morning out program one day, and listening to the speaker talk about her adoption experiences, God told Paige “It is time.” The Riegels went on to adopt three toddlers from the waiting child program in China within the next three years. Paige sees the blessings that adoption can bring to a family and her wish is to enable others to experience these same blessings! When God gives, we need to give back.

We asked Susan and Paige to tell us just a bit about their vision for Spirit of Adoption Alberta. This is their response:

“Spirit of Adoption Alberta is about promoting awareness for adoption and igniting compassion for the orphan. We hope to bring awareness to the need for adoptive families to open their hearts to the fatherless, while practically raising funds to provide financial assistance to Alberta residents who answer God’s call to adopt. With the high monetary cost of adoption expenses, we hope to lessen the financial strain these families face. Ultimately, we hope to see more families brought together through adoption by removing financial stumbling blocks.

“Having personally been touched by the adoption journey, we desire to come alongside other families who feel the call to adopt. It can be an overwhelming experience emotionally as well as financially, so Spirit of Adoption Alberta hopes to provide practical support.

“Our dream for Spirit of Adoption Alberta is to be able to provide financial aid to stable, Christian families who feel God’s call to adopt. That dream cannot come to fruition without the financial support of others. We realize that God does not call everyone to adopt, but He asks each of us to do our part, through financial contribution, emotional support or prayer. As Christians, we need to 'step out of the box,' refusing to turn our backs on those in need. We want to encourage people that even a 25-dollar one-time or monthly donation can have infinite impact! Together we can make a difference.

“Right now, we are primarily promoting Spirit of Adoption Alberta by word of mouth and through the website Spiritofadoptionalberta.com. We have sent emails to people we feel may be interested, and have posted links on Facebook and adoption advocacy sites. It is our hope to receive invitations to share our vision within churches in Alberta. We are also planning to host a fundraising gala sometime in 2013 . . . to be announced!"

Luke 12:48: From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.


We encourage you to check out Spiritofadoptionalberta.com and support their efforts. Maybe God is calling you to birth something similar in your province?